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Publications and Presentations with Previous WSU MSE-REU program “Characterization of Advanced Materials” Student Participation 1999-2006

  1. Effect of Thermal Treatment on Failure Modes in Tungsten Wire
    P.P. Bourque, D.F. Bahr, and M.G. Norton, Materials Science and Engineering A, vol. 298, pp. 73-78 (2001)
  2. Evolution of Plastic Zone During Nanoindentation
    C.L. Woodcock and D.F. Bahr, Scripta Materialia, vol. 43, pp. 783-788 (2000)
  3. Phase Transformations in Sol-Gel PZT Thin Films
    D.P. Eakin, M.G. Norton, and D. F. Bahr, in Proceedings of the Materials Research Society, Materials for Novel Oxide Based Electronics, vol. 623, pp. 185-190 (2000)
  4. Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of Anodic Oxide Films on Titanium
    M. Pang, D.E. Eakins, M.G. Norton, and D.F. Bahr, Corrosion, vol. 57, pp. 523-531 (2001)
  5. Relationships Between Film Chemistry, Structure, and Mechanical Properties in Titanium Oxides
    M. Pang, D.E. Eakins, M.G. Norton, and D.F. Bahr, Proceedings of the Materials Research Society, Structure-Property Relationships of Oxide Surfaces and Interfaces, vol. 654, pp. AA3.41.1-.6 (2001)
  6. Plastic Zone Development Around Nanoindentations
    C.L. Woodcock, D.F. Bahr, and N.R. Moody, Proceedings of the Materials Research Society, Fundamentals of Nanoindentation and Nanotribology II, Q7.14.1-Q7.14.6 (2001)
  7. The Effects Of Hydrogen On Deformation And Cross Slip In A BCC Titanium Alloy
    K.R. Morasch and D.F. Bahr, Scripta Materialia vol. 45, pp. 839-845 (2001)
  8. “Processing and Reliability Issues in PLZT and PZNT Thin Films via Sol-Gel”
    P. Banerjee, D. Bahr and A. Bandyopadhyay, Symposium on Sol-Gel Thin Films, Pacific CoastOctober 27-29, 1999. Regional Meeting of the American Ceramic Society.
  9. Indentation Techniques to Measure the Adhesion of Hard Films on Soft Substrates
    D.F. Bahr and A.L. Olson, TMS 2001 Annual Meeting, General Abstracts Adhesion Symposium ( Feb. 2001)
  10. Slip Band and Step Formation Around Small Scale Indentations
    D.F. Bahr, C.L. Woodcock, and K.R. Morasch, Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, Symposium BB, Material Instabilities and Patterning in Metals ( April 2001)
  11. Micro-Machining Of PZT-Based MEMS
    T. B. Myers, S. Bose, J. D. Fraser and A. Bandyopadhyay, proceedings of the Innovative Processing and Synthesis of Ceramics, Glasses and Composites, American Ceramic Society, 2001.
  12. "Polymer-Ceramic Composites for bone Graft Applications,"
    S. Bose, T. Myers, A. Bandyopadhyay and H. L. Hosick, Polymer Preprints, 2000, 41 (2) p. 1620.
  13. Electro-Mechanical Coupling And Power Generation In A PZT Micro-Engine
    D.F. Bahr, K.R. Bruce, B.W. Olson, L.M. Eakins, C.D. Richards, and R.F. Richards, Proceedings of the Materials Research Society, Materials Science of Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Devices IV, vol. 687, pp. 4.3.1-6 (2002)
  14. Thin Film Fracture During Nanoindentation Of Hard Film – Soft Substrate Systems
    M. Pang, K.D.Weaver, and D.F. Bahr, Proceedings of the Materials Research Society, Thin Films Stresses and Mechanical Properties IX, vol. 695, pp. 317-322 (2002)
  15. Nanoindentation and Orientation Imaging: Probing small volumes and thin films for mechanical properties
    D.F. Bahr, K.A. Nibur and K.R. Morasch, Journal of Electronic Materials, vol. 31, pp. 66 - 70 (2002)
  16. Superior superplastic behavior in fine-grained Ti¯6Al¯4V sheet
    S. N. Patankar, J. P. Escobedo, D. P. Field, G. Salishchev, R. M. Galeyev, O. R. Valiakhmetov and F. H. (Sam) Froes, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 345, pp. 221-227 (2002)
  17. Nanoparticle Formation in Microchannel Glass by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
    D.N. McIlroy, J. Huso, Y. Kranov, J. Marchiek, C. Ebert, S, Moore, E. Marji, R. Gandy, Y.-K. Hong, M.G. Norton, E. Cavalieri, R. Benz, B. Justus, and A. Rosenberg, Journal of Applied Physics, 93, 5643 (2003)
  18. Indentation Induced Film Fracture in Hard Film – Soft Substrate Systems
    D.F. Bahr, C.L. Woodcock, M. Pang, K.D. Weaver, and N.R. Moody, International Journal of Fracture, vol. 119, pp. 339-349 (2003)
  19. Molecular orientation of F16CoPc on various substrates
    Leroueil, Pascale; Harris, Colin; Doodnauth, Hemant; Hipps, K. W.; Norton, M. G. . Abstracts of Papers, 225th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, United States, March 23-27, 2003 (2003)
  20. Hydrogen and Deformation: Nano- and Microindentation Studies
    D.F. Bahr, K.A. Nibur, K.R. Morasch, and D.P. Field, JOM, vol. 55, no. 2, pp. 27-50 (2003)
  21. Characteristics of tin whiskers formed on sputter deposited films – an aging study
    J.P. Winterstein, J.B. LeBret, and M.G. Norton, Journal of Materials Research, vol. 19, pp. 689-392 (2004).
  22. Optimization of film stresses utilized in composite piezoelectric membrane microgenerators
    M.S. Kennedy, M. Zosel, C.D. Richards, R.F. Richards, D.F. Bahr, K.W. Hipps, and N.R. Moody, in Proceedings of the Materials Research Society, Thin Films Stresses and Mechanical Properties X, vol. 795, pp. 503-508 (2004).
  23. A study of fracture and defects in single crystal YAG
    D.E. Eakins, M. Held, M.G. Norton, and D.F. Bahr, Journal of Crystal Growth, vol. 267, pp. 502-509 (2004).
  24. Nanomechanical Properties of Ordered Phthalocyanine Langmuir-Blodgett Layers
    Tammy Oshiro, Arnie Backstrom, Anne-Marie Cumberlidge, K.W. Hipps, Ursual Mazur, S.P. Pevovar, D.F. Bahr, and Joanne Smieja, Journal of Materials Research, vol. 19, pp. 1461-1470 (2004).
  25. ZnO Doping in Calcium Phosphate Ceramics.
    Elizabeth Ann Withey and Amit Bandyopadhyay Presented at MRS 2004 Fall Meeting, MRS Symposium Y, Mechanical Properties of Bio-Inspired and Biological Materials (December 2004)
  26. Length Scale Effects on Yield Phenomena During Nanoindentation
    Coralee McNee and David F. Bahr; Presented at MRS 2004 Fall Meeting, Symposium V, Size Effects in Plasticity (December 2004)
  27. Supramolecular Structures of Coronene and Alkane Acids at the Au(111) - Solution interface: A Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study
    K. W. Hipps, Brett Gyarfas, Bryan Wiggins, and Monica Zosel, Langmuir, vol. 21 pp. 919-923 (2005)
  28. Spatially Dependent Mechanical Properties of Rat Whiskers for Tactile Sensing
    E.K. Herzog, D.F. Bahr, C.D. Richards, R.F. Richards, and D.M. Rector, in Fundamentals of Nanoindentation and Nanotribology III, edited by Kathryn J. Wahl, Norbert Huber, Adrian B. Mann, David F. Bahr, and Y.-T. Cheng, Proceedings of the Materials Research Society. 841, pp. R3.6/Y3.6 (2005).
  29. Development of Texture in Asymmetric Processing of Tantalum Plate
    D.P. Field, J. Yanke, E.V. McGowan, and C.A. Michaluk , Journal of Electronic Materials, vol. 34, pp. 1521-1525 (2005)
  30. Vapor Phase Deposition of Nanostructured Polymer-Metal Composites for Advanced Technology Applications
    A. Biswas, P.C. Karulkar, H. Eilers, M.G. Norton, D. Skorski, C. Davitt, H. Greve, U. Schuermann, V. Zaporojtchenko, and F. Faupel, Vacuum Technology and Coating, 7, 54 (2006)
  31. Influence of ZnO doping in calcium phosphate ceramics
    A. Bandyopadhyay, E. A Withey, J. Moore and S. Bose, Materials Science and Engineering C, (2006) (On-line version is available via Sciencedirect)
  32. Bone Cell-Materials Interaction on Si Microchannels with Bioinert Coatings
    Russell Condie, Susmita Bose and Amit Bandyopadhyay, accepted for publication to Acta Biomaterialia, October 2006
  33. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of 1,5-Dioxyoctylanthracene
    Ian Pilgrim, Matthew Pokrifchak, & KW Hipps. PNW Regional AVS meeting. Portland, OR September 21, 2006
  34. Temperature Indpendence of Orbital Mediated Tunneling.
    KW Hipps, Bryan Wiggins, and Brett Gyarfas. National Meeting of the ACS. September 14, 2006. San Francisco, CA
  35. Microstructural Influences on Fatigue Crack Growth in Rene 88DT
    E. Sackmann, J. Yeager, K.O. Findley, submitted to Materials Characterization (2006)
  36. Ion Beam Implantation of Advanced Titanium Alloys for Improved Corrosion and Strength Properties
    K.O. Findley, C. Norby, M. Veazie, M.G. Norton, V. Shutthanandan, M.S. Kennedy, presented at MS&T 2006
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